Belmont Light Billing Inquiries from Belmont Light Customer Service Office

Belmont Light has again been notified that some customers have received a telephone call from an individual claiming to represent a collection agency for Belmont Light. The caller demands payment to ensure that electricity is not terminated to the customer’s home or business.

Belmont Light reminds its customers that billing and credit inquiries and correspondence regarding active accounts will come directly from the Belmont Light Customer Service office, not a third-party collection agency.

 “Belmont Light will not use a collection agency if an active account is in arrears,” General Manager Jim Palmer said. “We would like to assure all our customers that we work with anyone who may be having difficulty in making timely payments; the only instance where the account would be sent to collection is when the customer account is no longer active and service has already been terminated, but a balance remains.”

 Customers should never give out their financial and banking information over the telephone unless they are the ones who generated the telephone call to Belmont Light, nor should they agree to send payment via money order to anyone claiming to represent Belmont Light. Customers who have any suspicions about a telephone call from someone claiming to represent Belmont Light should immediately notify Belmont Light at 617-993-2800.

Any billing inquiries can be verified by calling Belmont Light Customer Service Representative  Debbie Bottiglio, at 617-993-2832.


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