Fidelity House Kings AAU Tryouts

2013 NEAAU Super Regional Silver Champions
2013 NEAAU Super Regional Silver Champions

Fidelity House Kings

Spring AAU 1st Tryout Dates:


6th/7th Grade- Weekend of February 1/2


8th/9th Grade- January 18th  4:00-6:00pm at Fidelity House


10th/11th/12th Grade- Weekend of February 15/16




Tryout Procedures:  Fidelity House will hold a minimum of 2 tryouts per age group.  The first tryout may be combined with another age group and then split for the 2nd tryout and on.  Fidelity House can only support 1 team per age group, cuts may be necessary depending on numbers.


Additional Tryout Information will be on www.playmorehoop.com


Any questions can be referred to fhkingsaau@gmail.com


Fidelity House AAU began in 2000 with a single AAU team, and has grown each year.  Former Fidelity House players have gone on to play Division I, II and III college basketball.  In the meantime, lifelong friendships and relationships have been formed through the great sport of basketball.  Fidelity House AAU is known for their competition level, sportsmanship and player camaraderie throughout New England.  It's a tribute to the players, coaches and families that make the commitment each season.


Fidelity House                   25 Medford Street          Arlington, MA                    www.playmorehoop.com


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