Belmont High School Sending Its Support to Newtown

Banner will be going to high school in town that suffered tragic killings Friday.

This morning at 8:45 am, Belmont High School had a moment of silence in memory of the victims and families impacted by the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, according to High School Principal Dan Richards.

Below is the announcement that Richards read to the school.

"On Friday, December 14th a horrific event occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Our nation has come together through prayer to support the victims and survivors of this event. I would like to take this time to remember the victims and survivors from that day. Please join me in a moment of silence."

"Thank you."

"Belmont High School has always been a tight community of faculty, staff and students. Please support each other during these difficult times and remember, as a community we are strong."

"For students and faculty wishing to express their support to the Sandy Hook community, there will be a banner posted in the cafeteria for all to sign. Later this week we will deliver the banner to the Sandy Hook High School to show our support from Belmont High School."

"Thank you for your time and have a good day."

The idea for a banner was Richards and told Belmont Patch that it now nearly full with words and messages of condolence and support from Belmont to the Newtown students and staff.

"The kids are thrilled that they have a chance to make a difference by signing the banner and sending it to the local high school in Sandy Hook. It is so popular, I may have to create a second banner," said Richards. 

Voice of the people December 18, 2012 at 01:04 AM
What a great gesture by the High School students. I'm sure this hit close to home with many of them who have younger siblings or cousins. It is very difficult to be joyous this Christmas season knowing there are so many innocent little kids and heroic adults who are gone. Whatever we can send in the way of cards or banners is of great comfort.


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