Christmas Trees Can Be Kicked to the Curb for Next Fortnight

But rather than trashing the holiday tree, there are other uses for the former Christmas centerpiece.

Belmont's trash collector, Russell Disposal, will collect and recycle Christmas trees during the next two weeks. 

Residents should put your tree out on the regular trash and recycling collection day.

But you don't need to dump the tree on the side of the road as there are other uses for the tree. 

If you have the room in your backyard, ex-Christmas trees make excellent bird habitats. Remove all of the decorations – make sure the tinsel is removed – and secure the tree with stakes and twine. Provide the birds with food by hanging strings of popcorn or fresh fruit in the branches.

And gardeners can use the branches are coverings for planting beds. And crafters dry the needles to make pine-scented sachets for drawers and closets.

Also, goats like to nibble on the branches. Of course, you will have to find your own goats. 


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