Lost Piece of Belmont History Restored in Conn.

A cabinet from Bellmont Estate found and restored by craftsmen in Tolland, Conn.

When the Bellmont Estate – the land and mansion owned by 19th-century businessman John Perkins Cushing for which Belmont was named – was pulled down in 1929, it was thought that the magestic house and everything associated in it was lost.

But nealry nine decades later, a masterpiece of 19th century New England craftsmanship from the estate is being lovingly restored in a woodworking shop in Tolland, Conn.

"It's something that was built 200 years ago by an absolute craftsman," said Prestige Woodworking owner Brian Werhle who has put more than 200 hours into the restoration of a 10-feet, 3-inches high cabinet, which weighs approximately 300 pounds which was was salvaged from the library of the "Bellmont."

will culminate at the annual Brimfield Antique Show where they will be shown before being sold.


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