Rainy Day Blahs? Celebrate 'Museum Day Live!' Around Belmont Saturday

Thanks to the Smithsonian, there will be FREE entry to a handful of museums near here!

Oh, no! A rainy weekend! The prospect of two whole days inside the house is just too much.

But there is a solution from Washington DC that won't raise your taxes and will get you out of your overcast mood.

The Smithsonian Institution hosts its annual Museum Day Live! on Saturday, with museums across the country opening their doors to patrons for free. 

You can register for your free Museum Day Live ticket here.

There are a number of museums particpating in Museum Day Live! in the Bedford area:

• The Concord Museum

200 Lexington Rd., Concord

• The Louisa May Alcott Orchard House

399 Lexington Rd., Concord

• The Gropius House

68 Baker Bridge Rd., Lincoln

• Armenian Library and Museum of America

65 Main St., Watertown

• Museum of Fine Arts

465 Huntington Ave., Boston

• John F. Kennedy Birthplace

83 Beals St., Brookline, MA

• Harvard Art Museum

485 Broadway, Cambridge

• Harvard Museum of Natural History

26 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA

For a full listing of museums with free entry on Museum Day Live! visit the Museum Day Live! website.


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