Starring Belmont, For Two Seconds, On Fox's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

A bit of Belmont in the Fox show

For a fleeting two seconds, Belmont Police Department headquarters was featured on Fox comedy.
For a fleeting two seconds, Belmont Police Department headquarters was featured on Fox comedy.
Michelle Azzaf was watching television Tuesday, Nov. 19 because, well, like so many of us, she didn't have much else to do.

The Belmont resident, who came to town three years ago with her husband, was flipping around when she came across Fox's new comedy, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," starring Saturday Night Live cast member Andy Samberg and the great Andre Braugher who played Detective Frank Pembleton on the NBC series "Homicide: Life on the Street." 

"I do watch the show regularly, not out of love for the show, although it can be funny sometimes, but more so for the lack of other decent things being on at that time frame," said Azzaf.

Then, midway through the ninth episode titled Sal's Pizza, Azzaf saw a fleeting image that she thought she recognized.

Wait a minute, Azzaf thought, did I just see my town's police station on the show? 

Looking again online, Azzaf's initial assumption was right on. At 15 minutes and 27 seconds into the show, for about two seconds, there is the Belmont Police Department headquarters standing in for a police station somewhere in New York. 

"I was a bit shocked and excited, seeing what I was convinced at the time was our police station, and really couldn't understand why Belmont out of all the police stations in the country," said Azzaf to Belmont Patch.

"I guess they were looking for a station that represented a place in a quiet, sleepy, little town, which they really could have found quieter and sleepier little towns, if they had just gone a bit west out on Route. 2, but hey, I'm not the director," she said. 

So a quick email to a former colleague of the Belmont Patch editor who is in television production around these parts came up with a sort of answer. Rather then spend money filming new footage of, let's say, a suburban police station, a production team – "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has four – will do a search of a video database which they have access to which has snippets of images ready to be plugged into the episode. In this case, someone filmed the police station which found its way into the database. 

Sometimes, a producer or a director will place images from their hometown into their productions as a salute to where they may still have family. A great example of that is "The Simpsons" where the background design supervisor has drawn in several buildings and locations from his childhood home of Chelmsford into the show.

"I do wonder though how they found us at all, perhaps someone on the show is from here or has family here. I loved to know," said Azzaf.
Mary T November 21, 2013 at 06:43 AM
Pretty cool. But looking at this picture I think to myself...time for a new station.
John Fitzgerald November 21, 2013 at 07:39 AM
Mary T. Have you ever been inside? I took a tour with the cub scouts, they have no room inside that place. Boxes everywhere and the stair cases are like ladders.


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