Last Chance to Use Your Old T Tokens Saturday

After June 30, you won't be able to use the iconic MBTA tokens to add value to your CharlieCard.

Thanks to Ron Newman, who posted a reminder about this on Davis Square Livejournal.

They could be lying around the house or in a bowl with your change.

And you may not know that the iconic MBTA tokens are actually worth $1.25 if you use them in a CharlieCard machine.

Although the MBTA got rid of token-operated turnstiles more than five years ago, the tokens never lost their value, and you can use them to add value to your CharlieCard.

But after 11:59, Saturday, June 30, the tokens will suddenly become worthless slugs.

Joe Pesaturo, a spokesman for the MBTA, confirmed that starting July 1, old tokens won't have monetary value, at least as far as the T is concerned — they may be worth something as collectibles.

So, if you've got drawers and jars filled with old tokens, you may want to cash them until Friday.

In addition, MBTA fares will increase on July 1, increasing by 25 cents for bus and subway rides.


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