Branching Out: Demolition Starts for New TD BankNorth Bank on Trapelo

Former home of Video Plus and martial arts center being prepared for new branch.

Trapelo Road: The Boulevard of Branches.

With the demolition of the building that housed the former Video Plus store and then a martial arts studio at 307 Trapelo Rd., the road from Cushing to Waverley squares will soon be home to seven bank branches as TD BankNorth will be opened off business later in the spring. 

The one-story building located adjacent to the Belmont Fire Department Headquarters received design approval for signage and its exit and entrance from Trapelo from the Planning Board in the fall soon after the bank announced its intentions in September to open a branch office in Belmont.

Before accepting the bank's offer, the property owner approached the Planning Board seeking to develop a three-story retail/housing project under a temporary overlay district zoning agreement which was due to expire at Town Meeting in April.

But the Planning Board would not extend the overlay agreement and an attempt to extend the district's time through an article at Town Meeting in April failed to win enough votes.


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