Center's Starbucks Closing June 22 For Renovations

Ten days of repairs on Leonard Street begins a day after summer begins.

You won't be able to celebrate the first full day of summer with a cooling  frappuccino in Belmont Center.

Due to issues with its plumbing and refrigeration units, Starbucks has pushed up by nearly two months the scheduled renovation of its store on Leonard Street.

The location is now scheduled to close on Friday, June 22 for 10 days, opening the week of the July 4th holiday.

The coffee shop at 47 Leonard St. is a decade old and was placed on the list of locations across the country to undergo a near-gut rehab and be supplied a new updated look.

But since the news came out, the store has had to closed one of the two restrooms due to plumbing problems as the refrigeration equipment has been needing frequent repairs.

Rather than committing to major repairs before the renovations, the decision was to begin the rehab earlier. 

Customers and residents will be greeted with new wood-like chocolate-colored flooring and large coffee murals along the wall. A large supporting pillar near the serving area will be pushed back and the working area will be expanded so servers have room to work.

There will be new furniture and fixtures. It is unknown at this time whether the store's capacity will increase or if the number of electrical outlets upped, said staff.


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