Refrigerator Leak At Waltham Store Caused Haz Mat Response

Source of smell was a substance used as a refrigerant.

A leak from a refrigerator unit and seperate cooling unit caused the haz-mat response to on Sunday, June 24, according to the Waltham Fire Department.

R-22, a substance used as a refrigerant among other things, leaked from a rooftop cooling unit and also from a refriegerator in the store, according to Waltham Fire Deartment Lt. Michael Murphy. Two customers and five workers in the store were evaluated for injuries but declined treatment, Murphy said.

The response started at around 6 p.m. with a report of a gas odor, according to Murphy. Waltham firefighters entered the store to check for gas levels but were turned back when they felt burning sensations in their eyes, Murphy said. 

Later, crews reentered the store to shut down the units and a state hazardous materials response unit arrived and confirmed R-22 was the source of the smell, Murphy said. Crews also ventiled the store with fans.

A crew later arrived to fix the leak, according to Murphy. 


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