Henan Morgan Horizontal fuel oil (gas) boiler

Henan Morgan Horizontal fuel oil (gas) boiler

Product code: 100007

Product name: horizontal fuel oil (gas) boiler

Product categories: boiler

Product description:


Being series fuel (gas) steam boiler in strict accordance with the ministry of labor issued by the “steam boiler safety technology supervision regulation and relevant standards for the design, manufacture and inspection, ensure the safety of the product.

Boiler body adopts three return all wet back structure, high efficiency heat transfer element, maximum heat transfer surface design, so that the boiler output, high thermal efficiency, long service life.

Low combustion chamber design, in order to keep a larger water level security space, minimize the harm of water shortage accident, and improved the quality of steam.

Using activity type smoke box, convenient maintenance and cleaning boilers.

The world famous brand burner, can automatically control the size of the fire, according to the load change and a flame detection and automatic scavenging function.

Use famous microcomputer automatic control of boiler, which can realize automatic combustion control, steam pressure and water level automatic control automatic control.

The appearance of beautiful design, give a person with beautiful enjoyment.

U give a set of tools stoker random and stoker labor two sets of clothing



parameter             unit         WNS0.5-1.0           WNS1-1.0              WNS2-1.0              WNS1-1.25            WNS6-1.25            WNS8-1.25

The rated capacity               t/h           0.5          1              2              1              6              8

The rated working pressure              Mpa        1              1              1              1.25        1.25        1.25

The rated steam temperature           ℃            184         184         184         195         195         195

Feed temperature               ℃            20           20           20           20           20           20

The fuel consumption of    fuel         Kg/h        40           75           140         250         380         525

Natural gas            NM3/h   55           80           150         290         410         590

The thermal efficiency        %             85           85           85           85           85           85

After installation specifications         mm         3160 * 1800 * 1800           3500 * 2100 * 2100           4400 * 2200 * 2200           3500 * 2100 * 2100   6100 * 2300 * 2300           7000 * 2400 * 2400

Henan Morgan Horizontal fuel oil (gas) boiler



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