Banking Books in Belmont's Schools

Belmont Savings partners with Foundation for Belmont Education to support Common Core.

Foundation for Belmont Education announced Monday that the Belmont School District have been awarded $7,100 as part of the Belmont Savings Bank Textbook Fund, courtesy of Belmont Savings Bank and the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation. 

The funds will be used for curriculum changes to the middle school math program, allowing the School Department to purchase new textbooks for the seventh grade standard math course and help align the schools with the new state standards for mathematics.

“We are grateful to the FBE and Belmont Savings Bank for supporting us in providing students and their teachers with the best resources to meet the goals of the curriculum,” said Janice Darias, Belmont's assistant superintendent.

The Belmont Savings Bank Textbook Fund combines an annual donation from the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation with the latest contributions from the Belmont Education Rewards Checking+ program, in which the BSB contributes $50 to the Foundation for Belmont Education (FBE) for every new account opened. 

The FBE is a key non-profit organization supporting the Belmont Public Schools and manages the Textbook Fund. 

“We are proud to be supporting the Foundation for Belmont Education and, in particular, working to strengthen one of our community’s best resources, our school system,” said Bob Mahoney, President and CEO of Belmont Savings Bank and an officer on the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation board.

“Countless studies emphasize the importance of math in our children’s education, so supporting a cause that would reinforce the math curriculum here in Belmont was a natural for us.”

To date, the BSB Textbook Fund has gifted over $22,000 to the Belmont Public Schools. Last year’s donation was used to purchase materials for the English/language arts curriculum, K-12. 

For information about the Belmont Education Rewards Checking+ program here.

For more information about the FBE, which will be  14th Annual Spring Fundraiser, the largest fundraiser for the Belmont Public Schools, will be held on March 16th – tickets recently went on sale and can be purchased online at www.fbe-belmont.org. 

Belmont Savings Bank is a $800 million, full-service Massachusetts savings bank dedicated to quality, convenience, and personalized service. 


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