Belmont Short Storm Stories: Peter and Homer and Victor

A series of brief articles involving the blizzard. Send us your photos and storm stories.

Victor Dankens is your typical 15 year old: He came to Belmont Public Library with an eye on borrowing items of popular culture.

"The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" videos.

"I'm preparing for the blizzard, a couple of days indoors," said the Belmont High student. 

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But sometime Saturday, Dankens will have a shovel in his hands which will be "exciting" compared to sitting inside. But because there are no "old people" – "Everyone is really active," – in the neighborhood, it's not likely he'll be making any change from his effort.

"I'll shovel my dad's work place (in Medford)," he said. "They need the help."


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