Question of the Day: Should the Obama's Vacation in Belmont?

We want your opinion.

Despite the claim by New York big shot and reality show star Donald Trump who said "he takes more vacations than any human being I've ever seen," President Obama and his family are taking time off after being stuck for most of the summer in Washington DC by spending 10 days on Martha's Vineyard, that posh island off the coast of Cape Cod.

But it appears only the island's merchants and all those star gazers in Vineyard Haven are happy to see the First Family. Fellow democrats would rather see the president back in the office to appear busy developing a plan to jump start the jobs market and as a result put the unemployed back to work and save his own job. 

Nor do they like seeing the president playing golf and relaxing as more than nine percent of Americans who are actively seeking jobs can't find work.

Republicans are opposed to him doing anything so they would be upset with him, the first lady and the kids going to "The Island" as they would be if they stayed in DC. 

But there is a solution to this presidential conundrum: Come to Belmont! 

Rather than being seen on some ritzy beach or golfing on manicured courses, they could be seen frolicking at the oldest community pool in the country, the – it is a favorite watering hole of a Nobel Prize winner, novelists and other professorial types – and hitting the little white ball at the or on the nearby Thomas O'Neil Municipal nine-holer just over the line in Cambridge. Nice, but decidedly not upscale.  

The first family can go hiking and see the , tour the House and shop in the Center – those fall sales at Macy's are about to begin.

And he and his staff can use the big table in the Cushing Square for meetings. 

As for dining choices, there is , Grill, or they can grab a mess at . And how about a couple's date at the ? Not that he would have to worry about being ignored: Belmont is a true blue-state town and many on the Hill would open their manse to entertain the most powerful man in the world.

But best yet, he can call over and then meet with the current Republican frontrunner in the race for his job, , to discuss putting Americans back to work.

What a grand bipartisan gesture for the leaders of left and right coming together to solve the greatest problem facing our country, and what the vast majority of Americans have been clamoring for after the debt ceiling debate.

So, wouldn't it be to the benefit of the country, the economy and the world if the Obama's came to Belmont for their vacation?

Belmont_Conservative August 19, 2011 at 07:31 PM
I don't begrudge anyone a vacation. I just ask that the President stop blaming others and realize/admit that his economic policies have failed to achieve his goals. We all want America back to work, he just has no actual idea how to make it happen. We need a leader who knows what it means to have a real job, make a real buck, and be accountable in the private sector for success.


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