Residents Happy Belmont Won't Be Weekend 'White House'

Homeowners near McLean Hospital development weren't crazy about increase security and disruptions.

For the homeowners and residents who live in the townhouse development on the former McLean Hospital, the possibility of their neighbor Mitt Romney becoming President – which appeared like a real possibility in October – forcec them to face a unique consequences: "the 'coolness' factor of living in a president’s hometown versus the nuisance of road closures and curiosity-seekers.," wrote Shira Schoenberg, political correspondent for MassLive.

That dilemna was decided when President Obama defeated the 41-year Belmont resident on Nov. 6 not only in the popular vote and in the Electorial College, but also in his hometown, receiving only 4,728 votes to Obama’s 9,108.

"'It’s a nice little town,' said Kiril Sinkel, a Belmont retiree walking his dog on Monday. 'It would have been too big a price to pay. There’s no reason to want to attract the traffic and security,"' wrote Schoenberg. 


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