Same Old Appetizer? Try a Greek Dip

You can have chips and salsa but a Mediterranean hors d'oeuvre will really hit the spot.

You can never have enough recipes for hors d'oeuvres and appetizers.

But aren't you sick of crudités and chips and salsa?

I have a dip recipe that will become a staple for your future gatherings, I promise. Every time I make it, which is often, at least two guests ask for the recipe. It’s versatile, easy and healthy. It works just as well at a Super Bowl party as it does before an elegant dinner party.

I must give credit to my cousin Jacki who passed along this little gem.

Here is what you will need:

• Large tub of Hummus
• One large tomato
• Two to three English cucumbers
• Small can of chick peas
• Pitted Calamata olives
• Red wine vinegar
• Olive Oil
• Salt and Pepper
• Large tub of crumpled Feta cheese

The base of the dip is hummus. I always use Sabra original hummus. I think it is the best-tasting hummus on the market. I buy a large tub of the hummus and then spread it on the bottom of a deep serving tray - one that would work well for a seven-layer dip.

Then I chop up a tomato and two to three, peeled, English cucumbers, and pitted calamata olives. I usually find them from the gourmet olive bar in the deli aisle. I fill three quarters of a small container. Chop the olives and toss them with the tomatoes, cucumbers a can of washed chick peas. Add red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Let the mixture marinate for at least an hour. Pour the mixture over the hummus and top with a large container of crumbled Feta cheese. Serve with baked pita chips.


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