St. Luke, St. Joseph Picked for Reorganization by Archdiocese

Part of a long-term change in how the archdiocese will operate in the future.

Belmont's Roman Catholic parishes, St. Luke on Lexington Street and St. Joseph on Common Street, are at the epicenter of a plan by the Archdiocese of Boston to reorganize the long-standing parish structure as a result of years of falling attendance and a dearth of priests. 

The Belmont churches are the first of 28 parishes to be grouped into a dozen "collaboratives" across eastern Massachusetts that will replace the single church/parish tradition in what is being called "Disciples in Mission – A Pastoral Plan for the Archdiocese of Boston."

"During this first phase, we pledge our full support to the dedicated priests, parish staffs, parishioners and lay volunteers who will lead the way for our efforts to fully embrace the New Evangelization," said the press release.

Unlike the controversial closing of parishes two decades ago that was met with anger and dissent, none of the churches named Thursday afternoon will close or have the number of masses cut, according to a press release by the archdiocese. In addition, parish councils will still run the finances of each church although it will soon be a single group.

But the current priests who serve as pastors at the parishes, St. Luke's Fr. Gerard Petringa and Fr. Thomas Mahoney at St. Joseph's, will be leaving – they will be asked by the archdiocese to resign and then be reassigned although they can apply for the pastorale of the new "collaborative" – as the Belmont "collaborative" will be run by a new pastor.

It is not known when the priests will be leaving their posts but the press release stated that new pastors will be named by March.

John Bowe January 13, 2013 at 10:42 PM
No, the current priests will not be leaving. True, they are "resigning" from their current positions, which are going away. (ie, there will no longer be separate pastors of individual parishes.) They will remain in Belmont, with different titles, eventually. At least that's according to announcements this weekend.


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