The Art of Donating: Blood Drive in Town Hall's Gallery

Steady stream of donors responsible for more than 30 pints of blood at Monday's drive.

The will not be presenting any new works by Belmont artists until the fall.

But on Monday, Aug. 8, the third floor space in the Homer Building of the Town Hall complex was open for the art of giving.

The American Red Cross held one of its numerous state blood drives in Belmont. Beds, tubes, blood collection bags and sweet snacks filled the room that usually is home to paintings, sculptures and all sorts of media. 

More than 30 donors came to gallery to spend about an hour to give their health history, a quick physical check up and then spend about 15 minutes to give blood.

For Barbara Payne of Oxford Street said she tries to give blood two to three times a year because "it's an easy thing to do." 

"It only hurts for a second and they are very good at putting the needle in," she said.

While lying on one of the four beds located in the center of the gallery, Payne said that relatives have needed blood in the past "and others need it now so it's important to give," she said, spending the time reading her "summer" book, "In a Dry Season" by Paul Robinson. 

Lying nearby was Kevin Gorsline, an IT consultant from Charleston, South Carolina, who was also reading, but he had an computer tablet. 

Working for the town of Belmont on computer security, Grosline said he usually doesn't volunteer but decided to donate Monday because it was "super convenient" as he was working in the building. 

"I just want people to know I'm not billing Belmont for this," he said with a big smile as one of the volunteers bandaged up his arm.

By the end of the day, the Red Cross collected 34 pints of blood, a "very good" day for a week day drive, said one of the volunteers.


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