The Roads that Lead to BBQ

Silk Road BBQ takes root in Belmont for four nights to serve the tastes of many worlds.

Contrary to its name, the Silk Road was not one path marking the way from East to West. It was a web of roads that formed a “trading ecosystem,” said owner of Silk Road BBQ  and Belmont resident Ed Cornelia.

The mobile mini 'restaurant' with a bright red umbrella for its roof has come home to its birthplace, Belmont, preparing foods – highlighting meat on the grill – associated with the historical Europe to Asia trading route.

Silk Road will be serving dinner from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. through this Friday. July 22. at 130 Concord Ave., across from Underwood Street and the High School's entrance.

Read more about the Silk Road concept here.

Cornelia believes that food is part of a social eating experience and aims to create a market-like atmosphere around the kiosk, much like the vibrant social setting that takes place in the countries of the food's origin.  

“We look for communities to collaborate with and we provide the energy,” he said. Like the Russian shashleek, usually skewered lamb, that he serves which traditionally embodies the whole experience of a feast, Silk Road BBQ's outdoor setting is that catalyst for people to socialize.

With sides orders like the sweet-and-nutty Moroccan salad, vibrant Korean carrots that upon a 'chomp' unleash a welcomed wave of heat that accompany dishes such as the slightly-singed juicy jerk chicken with 20 ingredients that is reminisce of a Jamaican feast (was Kingston on the Silk Road?), how can you resist not stopping, eating and celebrating?


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