The Week in Review: Money For Roads and Debts, a New Minimum Age to Buy Smokes

Events the occurred in the previous week in Belmont.

allocated nearly $2.5 million to large projects in the 2013 budget year including $1.1 million in road repair and the rest to the town and schools including a new gym floor for the Butler School, nearly half-a-million in sidewalk repairs and new trucks for the DPW. 

The Warrant Committee - the financial watch dog for the Town Meeting - is backing a plan by the town's treasurer to create a policy in which. While the payments will make only a small dent in an already large deficit, its immediate impact will be on the town's credit rating.

 sometime by the end of the summer, joining only two other towns in the state with a minimum age higher than 18. 

but many of the nearly 30 people who own chickens remain worried the new regulations could one day force them to close down their coops.

Watertown's Robert McCarthy who finished a strong third in the special election for the state senate in December, has decided not to challengein the upcoming Democrat primary in September. 

Harvard professor and Belmont resident Graham Allison spent more than 100 hours interviewing people in the Obama administration, the military and intelligence community for Time Magazine's cover story on the i

Belmont Savings opens.

The Belmont Police has charged a

 will undergo extensive renovations over 10 days in August.

The town's Community Development Department working with walkBoston . 

The , marking the fourth time out of eight losses Belmont lost by a single goal. 


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