The Week in Review: Ponzi Scheme in Belmont, 'Smart' Meters Are In Town

Recap of events that occurred in the past week in Belmont.

Secretary of the Commonwealth William F. Galvin charged John "Jack" Cranney of 885 Concord Ave. with running ain which he allegedly swindled $10 million from 36 elderly investors including his sister.

The Democrat candidates to replace former State Rep. Will Brownsberger on Beacon Hill

the ones which can communicate electric usage and rates between the utility and the homeowner, in 2,000 customer's homes since the beginning of the year.

but at 4.4 percent still remain well below the state and national rates of unemployment.

in terms of sales and values if he become president.

for her work in creating and running the Payson Park Music Festival.

According to police, a Boston wedding guest had his own.


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