The Week in Review: Remembering Scharfman, Cushing Village Due Date Decided

Events that occurred in the past week in Belmont.

The town was shocked and saddened when news came that  on Monday. His funeral filled the Beth El Temple where he was eulogized as making 'The world ...  a better place because he was in it.'

A decision on  in late April, according to the head of the Planning Board which has been reviewing the project for the past 11 months.

Belmont legislators reacted cautiously to Governor Deval Patrick's $34.8 Billion budget proposal which will require large tax increases for improvements in transportation and education. 

A Dunkin' Donuts store is heading to Belmont's Concord Avenue in the place of a burger restaurant that originally sought to occupy the location.

Bobcats have arrive in Belmont and the pretty predator will be looking for rabbits, rodents and the stray pet so keep an eye on them.

A former State Trooper from Belmont will remain behind bars before his trial on extortion after his own doctor thought he shouldn't be released.


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