What to Do With the Christmas Tree?

Belmont will remove it the first two weeks in January. Or make a bird habitat in your back yard.

You known that the Christmas season has officially ended when the decision is made that the centerpiece of the celebration at home, the Christmas tree, is taken down. 

The Belmont Department of Public Works will collect and recycle Christmas trees during the first two weeks of January. You should put your tree out on your regular trash and recycling collection day.

And this week, with the New Year's Day holiday, trash collection will be a day late for those streets with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday pick-ups. 

But you don't need to dump the tree on the side of the road as there are other uses for the tree. 

If you have the room in your backyard, ex-Christmas trees make excellent bird habitats. Remove all of the decorations – make sure the tinsel is removed – and secure the tree with stakes and twine. Provide the birds with food by hanging strings of popcorn or fresh fruit in the branches.

Also, goats like to nibble on the branches. Of course, you will have to find some goats. 

Got any other uses for the former Christmas tree? Tell us in the comment section.

Marta January 03, 2013 at 02:31 AM
Making sachets. Last year, I gave my balsam Christmas tree a "haircut" - cutting off the branches and putting them in several old pillowcases to dry. (How long? I don't know. I let them dry for months; maybe it only takes weeks....). Once the balsam had dried, I "hand-scrunched" the pillowcases to remove the needles from the branches. The sticks went into yard waste and the balsam needles went into small muslin bags which I then gave to family as Christmas presents/stocking stuffers. My sock drawer has never smelled so good.


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