Belmont's Penguin Gal (VIDEO)

Watch Belmont High grad Nicole Gosselin at work with the New England Aquarium's penguins.

For most people, lunchtime conjures up a sandwich or salad usually eaten at work.

For Boston University junior Nicole Gosselin, lunch at work usually consists of a bucket of sardines, capelin, smelt and herring. While most people wouldn't consider this smelly seafood mix as their choice for a midday meal, it is for the Belmont native.

But its not that Gosselin – a 2010 Belmont High School graduate – is dishing out the slimy concoction for herself. It is for the dozens of penguins she's responsible for at the New England Aquarium where the student, a member of the College of Arts and Science's class of 2014, is an intern in the penguin colony.

“When I have my bucket of fish, the birds push each other out of the way to get to me,” said Gosselin in an article in BU Today.

“Some of the birds are a little nippy sometimes because they want a fish, and your fingers look a little like fish. My hands have scars,” said Gosselin.

Watch a BU Today video of Gosselin at work at the New England Aquarium's penguin colony.

Getting her start volunteering at a veterinarian’s office in Belmont, Gosselin will continue her education by entering Veterinary Medicine after completing her undergraduate degree. 


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