Might Dad Harbor a Secret Wish to be a Dancer?

We’ve got some suggestions for unexpected holiday gifts to give your father this season.

We can say, with a fair degree of certainty, that most Dads have received enough ties for holiday presents over the years.

Perhaps that makes you hit a stone wall when thinking of what to get for him this year. If so, we have some ideas of things that are a bit more unusual.

Does Dad like good ale – or have friends who do? If so, head right over to . Located at 51 Leonard St., it’s an artisanal beer store (the only one in Belmont!) that stocks more than 500 craft beers from all over the world as well as beer mustards, barbeque sauces and beer books. The owners, Kate Baker and Suzanne Schalow, will help you select a particularly good brew for the holiday season.

Is Dad athletic or perhaps has expressed the desire to get into better shape? A membership at a health club might be the perfect gift in that case. A branch of , located at 30 Church St., offers certified personal trainers who work with members to find the right strength, cardiovascular and nutrition approaches all working together for a complete fitness solution.

If Dad’s a cyclist, visit just a step away at 22 Church St. where you’ll find an impressive assortment of bicycles made by Trek, Gary Fischer and other leading manufacturers or you can arrange to have the bike he already owns serviced at the store.

Is it possible your Dad is a “star” just waiting to be discovered? Or maybe he has two left feet but very much wants to glide across the floor with grace and ease. Think about treating him to a private dance lesson or even a course in a particular style such as the foxtrot, mambo, salsa or rumba. , at 345 Trapelo Rd., offers a free introductory lesson and then – if Dad likes it – you can buy him one private lesson (even a few) or sign him up for group lessons.

Maybe Dad has “a man’s best friend.” If he loves that dog as much as most of us do our precious pets, an unexpected and much-appreciated gift idea is a portrait of the beautiful canine. Area resident Lisa Cohen is an accomplished photographer with over 20 years of experience and, with her family, adopted her first rescue dog, Lucky. Soon after, Lisa started to photograph Lucky and other dogs in the ‘hood. With inspiration from Andy Warhol, she creates pop art images from the photographs. Take a look at examples of her work currently exhibited at the Cushing Square Starbucks or on her website at www.snaptails.com. To commission a portrait of Dad’s dog, contact her at lisa@lisacohen.com or call 617-924-4822. 

Clothing is certainly an option for a gift. Many young people are as “broke as dishes now that it’s the end of the semester,” say the owners of Mass Apparel – a unique men’s clothing website created and run by three Belmont residents. In sympathy with those whose wallets are a bit thin this month, they’ve dropped their prices on hoodies – just in time for the holidays -- from $50 to $40. Check out their site to see the unique designs the young local entrepreneurs have created for their tee shits, caps and sweatshirts.

If you’re truly down to pennies, you can always give the gift of your time through a hand-made certificate describing a day or afternoon you’ll spend together doing something like taking a hike, watching sports events on television or helping him with an overdue task (cleaning out the garage or organizing the basement is easier and more fun when done with a partner). Your parents love you and cherish your company as much – and likely more -- than any material thing.

Happy holidays to all the Dads in Belmont and any now living out of town!


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