Surely, Mother is on Santa's 'Nice' List This Year

Find a meaningful present for her right here in Belmont.

Contrary to popular belief, all women do not love receiving scarves every holiday season.

It’s not that the filmy-looking neck wrappings are unappealing, per se, but most ladies who wear them likely have a fairly full collection by now.

So what other gifts might be good for mothers this year? If you’re looking for ideas, you’ll find beautiful presents right here in Belmont so you can support local businesses as well as come up with something she will love and use with joy.

Even if Mother dresses simply most days, it seems all women have a weakness for some item that will jazz up their usual look whether it’s a special piece of clothing, jewelry, shoes, glittering hair clips or a soft, leather pocketbook in a pretty color.

If any of those articles of apparel fit your choice for a gift, visit the following:

, a consignment boutique, with two locations at 59 Leonard St. and 434 Common St. Items are priced by the trained staff and are typically priced at 25-30 percent of the retail value. 

The shops specialize in contemporary, upscale women’s fashions and offer such well-known, classic labels as Coach, Channel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Eileen Fisher, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Anthropologie and Eileen Fisher among others.

, located at 34 Leonard St., offers an upbeat collection of contemporary clothing with fun, colorful and festive accessories such as handbags, eyeglasses, earrings, necklaces, pins, rings, wallets, shawls and hair “trimmings” that are perfect for holiday parties.

The independent shop – that features Christopher Blue brand – has been a favorite shopping spot for Belmont women for almost two decades.

, at 21 Leonard St., caters to the modern-day, contemporary woman with “easy-to-wear” and unique clothing to ensure Mother will not find herself at a party where several other women are wearing the exact outfit. The store -- that has been in Belmont Center for several years -- also offers reasonably priced jewelry and other accessories.

There’s probably not a woman you know who doesn’t love receiving flowers. A formal arrangement, a single rose, a bouquet in her favorite colors -- are all bound to thrill.

For some of the prettiest you can find, visit , next to Belmont Center at 415 Concord Ave. The beautifully laid-out shop has offered quality blooms to its customers for about a quarter century and is known for its Euro-gardens and long-lasting floral arrangements. And, if you’re shopping for a mother who lives out-of-town, Paradise Flowers takes both domestic and international orders that will be delivered right to her door.

This season can be stressful for everyone and possibly especially for mothers who either choose or find themselves doing the bulk of holiday planning and its associated tasks. So why not give her the gift or relaxation with a certificate for a massage, wash and blow-dry or a manicure and pedicure? Belmont offers a wealth of salons that cater to skin, hair, nails and body treatments so just look through the local phone book and see what’s available in your neighborhood.

Do you know her favorite perfume? If so, – located at 75 Leonard St. – offers gift packages in all the classic scents. Whether it’s Channel No. 5, Nina Ricci’s L’Air Du Temps, Guerlain’s Shalimar or any of the Estee Lauder line, you will find already boxed sets of perfume or toilet water – along with either dusting powder, bath gel, or hand cream – all around the cosmetics counters in Belmont’s only department store.

And, if you insist on getting a scarf for your mother – just one last time – Macy’s and various boutiques in the Cushing Square, Waverley and Leonard Street business districts offer unusual patterns, shapes, sizes and colors that she just might not have in her collection. If you purchase this traditional but decorative item with love, it will surely be cherished.

All best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season to the mothers in Belmont!


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