Griffiths: Thanking All Who Supported My Campaign

Newly-elected School Committee member recognizes residents for their vote.

To the Town of Belmont,
It is such a humbling honor to be elected in a contested race for School Committee. I learned a great deal through the process  of campaigning, and I had the great pleasure of meeting many of you.

As you all know, one does not get elected alone, but by the efforts and support of many people. I humbly thank every person who met with me and shared their advice and their account of Belmont History with me. I thank every person who held a sign, hosted one on their lawn, said a good thing about me, made a donation, wrote a letter of endorsement on my behalf, passed out flyers, or graciously hosted a coffee so I could meet more of our neighbors and learn the concerns of our town.

I thank every person who actively worked to help me earn this seat on the School Committee: my campaign manager, treasurer, coffee organizer, sign manager, graphic designer, meet and greet hosts, babysitters, and of course my husband. If you did something to support me behind the scenes, or openly- I thank you!
I could not have done this without the enthusiastic and intelligent support of all of you.
Thank you to the Belmont Citizen Herald, the Patch, Blogging Belmont, The Boston Globe, Belmont Media Center, and the League of Women Voters for giving us challenging questions that have prepared and honed me to be a better public servant sitting on our School Committee. Thank you to every school administrator and School Committee member who answered my questions (and I had many!) to help me get a clearer picture of our schools.
Thank you to both Matt Sullivan and Anne Lougee for being wonderful, kind, thoughtful, running mates. I believe we all made each other better candidates and I'm grateful to both of you for the healthy competition and collegiality. Thank you to both Dan Scharfman and Andy Rojas for setting such a positive tone in this election season. I learned from both of you, and I'm grateful that I will get a chance to be working with both of you in different capacities in the upcoming years.
I believe the best way to show my appreciation is to do my best job as a member of the School Committee. And to that end, I've already started. Thank you to my 5 other School Committee members who are welcoming me with grace and encouragement. I'm so grateful that I'm joining a strong, intelligent, effective team. Thank you to the School Department members who have also been very welcoming and supportive in helping me get on board. I'm looking forward to the good work ahead with all of you!
Thank you, Belmont!
Pascha Griffiths


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