Letter to the Editor: Helping a Family, Our Friend, Now in Need

"In my eyes, no one has paid it forward more than this family."

To the editor:

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news with all of you that Laurie Graham’s beloved husband Daniel Downey died suddenly on Wednesday. Dan was the IT go-to guy at the high school adored by the students and teachers alike for his ability to connect them to 21st Century teaching skills. 

As many of you know, Laurie has devoted her life to helping children and families here in Belmont through her many volunteer positions such as the Chairwoman of the School Committee, Co-Chair of the Belmont Special Education Advisory Council, Food Pantry organizer, library and Council on Aging volunteer, Wellington Building Committee member, and more – countless  hours of volunteer work to benefit the Belmont population. In my eyes, no one has paid it forward more than this family.

I am asking all of you  to take a moment away from your everyday task list and think of what you can do to help this family. 

An account has been set up at the Belmont Savings Bank called the “Graham Family Benefit Fund,” and a volunteer list has been set up through the Belmont Unitarian church to help Laurie and her children. 

Please, let’s do what we can to get this family through this difficult time and show that the Belmont community really does give the warmest hug of all. 

The Graham Family Benefit Fund

Belmont Savings Bank

2 Leonard St.

Belmont, MA 02478

Anne Mahon

Alma Avenue


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