Letter to the Editor: Resident Chronicles Her Support for Gammill

"He is running for office because of his deeply held belief that he can help Belmont and Massachusetts thrive in coming years."

As a longtime Belmont resident and someone who cares deeply about this town, I was thrilled when I heard that Jim Gammill was running for State Representative. Arlington and Cambridge have multiple State Representatives; Belmont has just one. 

This is our chance to elect a man who knows and understands Belmont and wants only the best for our community.

I cannot imagine a more qualified man for this job; Jim is smart, ethical, caring, and committed to Belmont. Our family met Jim when our children were in the same pre-school class and we’ve admired him ever since. Jim is one of the smartest people I have ever known; he is politically astute, hard working, with a terrific sense of humor.

In these difficult financial times his impressive background is exactly what we need. At the age of 24 Jim was a senior staff member in the Carter White House. His years of teaching finance at Harvard Business School and MIT’s Sloane School have well equipped him to understand the complex economic issues we face today. Most State Reps are lawyers by education. Jim is not; he is an economist; nor is he doing this to build a political career. He is running for office because of his deeply held belief that he can help Belmont and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts thrive in coming years.

As we know our lovely town is a very special place that welcomes residents from all over the world. Belmont comprises nearly 60 percent of the district. It is essential that we elect someone who understands the issues of education, traffic, police and fire, infrastructure and government on a local level, and at the same someone who is sophisticated enough to understand how to affect change on a statewide level.

By the way, Jim is running as an Independent; unlike the old days of party politics, many Massachusetts voters are now registered as Independents. I learned long ago that it's not the party you vote for; it's the person.
Jim Gammill is a man Belmont can be proud to have represent us.

Mary Richardson

Ernest Road


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