Obama or Romney? Voting Advice 'Out of the Mouth of Babes'

What Belmont’s youngest constituents are saying about their choice for president.

In case you had forgotten – or have just landed here from outer space – this is Election Day in Belmont and across the nation. Inspired by Nate Silver’s polling prowess, I decided to try my hand at surveying a “representative sample” of Belmont’s youngest “age demographic” – in this case, the under-twelve set.

I had the following question put to them:

If you could vote for either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney for President, whom would you vote for and why?

Below are their responses; the names have been changed to protect these innocents. Enjoy!

Nate (age 9): “I’d vote for Obama. I mean, he’s already there and everything.”

Katie (age 5): “I would vote for Mitt Romney. He’s very handsome.”

Carolyn (age 8): “I’d vote for Obama because Romney thinks he’s so cool just because he’s rich.”

Grace (age 8): “Mitt Romney. We know him and he’s really nice.”

Kay (age 11): “Obama. One reason is because it’s silly to not let people marry for any reason if they are in love. Who cares if they are the same sex?”

Leah (age 9): “President Obama, because they make a lot of bad commercials about him and I don’t think anything is wrong with him.  At least he’s not as bad as they make him sound!”

Larry (age 4): “Romney, because I like the way the word sounds.”

Annie (age 4): “Rocko Obama, because Romney wouldn’t let me marry the person I love most – my mommy!”

Kiley (age 9): “Obama, because I don’t like Romney!”

Jay (age 11): “It doesn’t matter who wins. They are all going to do the exact same thing!”

Abby (age 7): “I still don’t know who I would vote for ...”

Calvin (age 8): “I’d vote for Obama because Romney wants a few more wars and because Obama is smarter.”

Derek (age 11): “Obama because he is about education and getting jobs.”

Bobby (age 6): “I’d vote for Obama because he wants the wars to end.”

Ben (age 10): “I’d vote for Romney because he’s a businessman and he’s planned out the Olympics so he knows what he’s doing.”

Evan (age 10): “Barack Obama, because he focuses on the middle class and not just the rich.”

Noelle (age 7): “Mitt Romney, because he’s nice. But I’m not saying that Obama is mean.”

Greta (age 7): “I’d pick Obama because he looks nicer.”

Nancy (age 10): “I would vote for Romney because he lives in our town.”

Alexia (age 5): “I would vote for Obama because I like his doggy. I would vote for Elizabeth Warren too because she’s the only girl.”

Chris (age 5): “I would vote for Mitt Romney because I know one person who works for Mitt Romney.”

Mary (age 9): “I would vote for Obama because I think Mitt Romney is going to pay the rich people more and that’s really unfair because poor people don’t have their basic needs.”

Sam (age 8): “Romney, because Obama stinks.”

Charles (age 10): “Obama.  He is more experienced. If Romney were president, Belmont would be too crazy since he lives here.” 

Davey (age 8): “Romney, because he lived in Belmont.”

Cheryl (age 7): “Obama, because he makes the world a better place.”

Kathy (age 9): “Romney.  I met him at my soccer game and he was really nice and I want to be able to say that I met the President.”

Elizabeth (age 7): “Romney.  He is cool – I mean, he’s from Belmont!”

Tommy (age 10): “Obama, because he is younger.

Riley (age 9): “Romney, because his grandson goes to my school.”

Angie (age 8): “Obama because he is already president and knows everything.  I don't know.  I just like him.”

Rita (age 5): “Romney, and I don’t know why!”

Tracy (age 5): “Mitt Romney, because he won’t steal our money.”

Jane (age 11): “Obama, I guess, because my parents are voting for him.”

Erica (age 8): “I would vote for Obama because he is nice and Romney is mean.  Also, Romney is against gays.”

Anthony (age 10): “Mitt Romney. Just to show those guys who stole the Romney sign from our front yard.”

So there you have it – the voice of Belmont’s youth has spoken.  If you have been wringing your hands about whom to vote for, you now have even more data to sift through.  (You’re welcome.)

Many thanks to all the youngsters who shared their responses with me.  Let me know what your kids have been saying.

Susan November 06, 2012 at 05:59 PM
ALERT !!!!! MUST read: "Support for Kill List and NDAA make Obama and Romney Unfit for Office" http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/reawakening-liberty/2012/nov/2/support-kill-list-and-ndaa-make-obama-and-romney-u/
Robin Cushman Phillips November 08, 2012 at 09:31 PM
Sweet article, Lisa!


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