Belmont Fire Log: 'Go Away!'

Incidents and accidents handled by the Belmont Fire Department.

You're not coming in

Jan. 23 – Just before 2 p.m., Engine 2 was sent to Spinney Terrace for a possible medical emergency. When firefighters approached the front door, the homeowner came to window by the front door, but would not allow the company to enter. "She appeared untrustful and leery of our presence outside her home," read the incident report. And due to what appeared to be the resident's poor hearing, the crew was unable to communicate effectively to her through the window nor could she hear the phone ringing when the fire dispatcher called. Finally, a helpful neighbor told firefighters the homeowner had accidentally activated her Lifeline personnel alarm in the past and wouldn't allow responders enter her house at that time. Since the occupant appeared fine, the firefighters left.

Frozen pipe bust

Jan. 24 – Just after 2 p.m., Engine 1 took off to a School Street two family where they found water leaking through a second-floor window and an eave of the building. Firefighters used a ladder to get into the building through an open attic window. Once inside, the crew found a burst copper water line in the attic. Other members then headed to the basement and shut down water main while Belmont Water Department shut down water from street also. The property owner, who walked through house with Engine 1 and was explained the problem, told firefighters that he would handle the repairs and relocation his tenants until fixed. 

Oil with that demolition

Jan 25 – At 10 past 5 p.m., Engine 1 was sent about a block from Fire Headquarters to a construction site at the corner of Flett Road and Wilson Avenue for an outside odor of a petroleum product. And, yes, there was a faint odor of oil detected by firefighters in close proximity to the their headquarters. Soon, a metal pipe with an odor of oil was detected in a Dumpster inside of the construction site. But since there was no visible oil on the surface surrounding the container, the fire company went on their ways.

Backyard fire 

Jan 26 – Just two minutes before 5 p.m., the Engine 1 crew was sent to Pleasant Street for a fire blazing in the backyard. Turns out a resident thought he was in the wilderness and started a outdoor fire – it's not like we're in Yellowknife where it's -22 – which the Engine 1 crew extinguished using a two-and-a-half gallon water extinguisher. Firefighters at the scene told the resident outside burning was not permitted in town.

Paranormal activity?

Jan. 26 – At a quarter 'til 6 p.m. when Engine 1 was sent to a two-condo duplex on White Street after a neighbor saw water flowing out of the second floor just above the main entry. The neighbor told firefighters that he has not seen the owners of the unit for close to three years. After crew members gained entry to the home through an open basement window, they discovered that the main power to the unit was already shut down as was the water main. It turned out that a pipe leading to the third floor bathroom had broken causing the water leak. Since the neighbor called early, there was minimal water in the inside of the home. The person who made the call was making every attempt to contact the owner.

Dangerous situation 

Jan. 26 – Just before half past 6 p.m., firefighters were on a medical call when they came across a discarded refrigerator on Dartmouth Street that was left outside for trash pickup. But the doors were still on the appliance, a real hazard for kids. The crew removed the doors and left them next to the unit.


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