Belmont Fire Log: Joining Police To Bring Peace of Mind to a Resident

Incidents and emergencies handled by the Belmont Fire Department.

Gas by heating

Dec. 3 – Just after 10 a.m., Engine 2 responded to a Watson Road two family because a carbon monoxide alarm was going off. And sure enough, the Engine 2 crew recorded CO readings of 15 parts-per-million on the second floor which is a bit elevated. The rooms were ventilated and the heating system shut down. Soon the crew could not detect any carbon monoxide in the house. The building's owner was told to contact a technician for needed service.

Too long on the stove top

Dec. 3 – At a quarter 'til 5 p.m., Engine 1 was sent up to the McLean Hospital for a smoke detector alarm. They soon discovered the source of the problem; burnt food on the stove top. 

Stove top overcooking

Dec. 7 – A little after 3:38 p.m., all of Belmont's fire crews sped off to a multi-family on Bradley Road. On arrival, firefighters from Engine 2 investigated and found that someone had already extinguished a blaze that damaged the stove top from an early-afternoon meal gone bad. The oven was shut down and the Belmont Housing Authority came around to replace it.

From the street

Dec. 7 – Less than 20 minutes after the above incident, Engine 1 was joined by Ladder 1 as they raced to a two family on Alma Avenue where someone reported an odor of gas inside the building. Both crews reported that they could smell a slight odor on the first floor. Outside, a firefighter discovered construction markings along with test holes in the street in front of the building. Apparently one of the holes released some gas into the air that entered the house. National Grid, a gas utility, was notified and responded to the scene.

Arcing show

Dec. 8 – At six past 6 p.m., Engine 1 was sent wheeling towards a location on Wiley Road for a reported light show up one of the electrical utility poles. Sure enough, companies discovered an intermittent arcing wire on the light pole. Belmont Municipal Light Department was notified and their crew responded to repair the sparking.

Police and fire assist resident

Dec. 8 – A half hour before noon, firefighters were off to Lexington Street to help Belmont Police extricate a woman who locked herself and her child in a bedroom in fear that an intruder had entered her home. Firefighters forced open a first floor window for police who crawled through so they could clear the house which turned out to be empty. 


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