Belmont Fire Log: Meeting House's Dance (Smoke) Machine

Incidents and emergencies handled by the Belmont Fire Department.

Beam bummer
Nov. 18 – Just before 6 a.m., Engine 1 and Ladder 1 were sent to the famous Belmont Spring site on Country Club Lane for a fire alarm. Turns out that a center beam detector inside the warehouse was going haywire. A building representative was able to contact the alarm company and they are responding to the scene.

An idle problem
Nov. 18 – Eleven minutes past noon, fire crews were sent to a nursing home at Agassiz Avenue for elevated carbon monoxide readings in the boiler room that activated a CO detector. Turns out that the alarm was not due to a malfunctioning boiler but a truck idling in the loading dock area which left just as the fire department arrived. The home was advised to enforce a no idling policy in the loading dock area and to put up a "conspicuous" no idling sign in the area.

Cooking some smoke
Nov. 19 – At 9:23 p.m., all available units – Engine 1 and 2, Ladder Truck 1, Rescue 1 and a truck from Watertown – took off towards Lexington Street to a mental health residential treatment center. Thankfully it was only a cooking fire that was confined to the pot.

Hallway DIY project mishap
Nov. 21 – Two after 2 p.m., all companies were dispatched to a Trapelo Road multifamily residential housing complex owned by the Belmont Housing Authority for a fire alarm going off. Turned out a first-floor tenant was spray painting in the hallway and the fumes activated the detector. The alarm system was red tagged. 

Dance (Smoke) Machine 
Nov. 23 – Just before 9 p.m., as a dance at the Latter Day Saint Meeting House was started to hop, the DJ set off the smoke machine for some added ambience. Oops! Rather then getting the party started, the haze set off all the fire alarms sending the Belmont Fire Department and bringing the dance to a haste halt. Fire personnel was promised that the DJ will never again use the smoke machine in the building.


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