Belmont Fire Log: With This Ring, I Do Cut

Incidents and emergencies handled by the Belmont Fire Department.

Outside smells

Jan. 13 – A dozen minutes after midnight, Engine 1 was sent to the corner of Grove Street and Unity Avenue to investigate a reported outside odor of gas in the area. But whatever the neighbors were smelling outside, the firefighters couldn't detect it. 

Leaking pipes 

Jan. 14 – Just about a quarter past 4 p.m., Engine 1 and Ladder 1 were sent to a two-family on Elm Street to handle an obvious case of a gas leak inside the house. The fire companies soon located the leak in a burner on the stove in the kitchen where gas readings were elevated. The crews turned off the stove and ventilated after a burner.

With this ring I do cut

Jan. 17 – A quarter past 3 p.m., a couple came into the fire station in Belmont Center seeking some urgent advice. The husband and wife told the firefighter's that her ring finger began to swell, which made wearing her wedding band quite uncomfortable. But when the wife attempted to pull off the ring, it wouldn't budge; and it was becoming painful. Could the fire department do anything to help? "You bet," they were told, and a crew member from Rescue 1 successfully cut off the gold band – and nothing else – using a ring cutter which the fire department keeps around just for this emergency. 

Blower Creates Dust-up  

Jan. 19 – At 20 past 4 p.m., workers at a demolition/construction site on Trapelo Road – in fact, the work zone is located next to Fire Department Headquarters – called fire personnel over to the future home of a bank branch after reporting seeing smoke coming from the debris pile. Yes, there was a cloud over the site but it turned out to be dust coming from a worker using a leaf blower. 


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