Charges Dropped Against Former Belmont Firefighter in Harassment Case

Verdict for Laurent Roy as judge dismissed case on Nov. 15, as former Belmont fire captain blasts pressure that saw the former department lieutenant resign his position.

A Cambridge District Court judge dismissed charges against a former Belmont firefighter who was arrested two years ago this month for criminal harassment and violating two restraining orders against a female employee of the Armstrong ambulance company.

The verdict handed down on Thursday, Nov. 15 in favor of Laurent Roy, 50, of Homer Road, Arlington, said that significant evidence surfaced to impeach the woman's credibility. 

"The court will only proceed with cases which they believe are valid, that just wasn't the case here. The needle was pointing more and more towards the accuser of being the aggressor," said a family attorney.

A firefighter in Belmont beginning in 1996 and promoted to lieutenant in 2005, Roy resigned from the department in 2011.

At the time of his arrest, Roy was on administrative leave from the department for unknown reasons.

"I don't want my life or my career defined by this. My family didn't deserve what they went through these last few years, but we are all ready to put this behind us and move on," Roy said after the trial.

A spokesperson for Roy said he would not comment regarding either attempting to regain his position on the Belmont Fire Department or on future legal action.

After the verdict, former Belmont Fire Department Captain Harwood Soul said in a press release from the Roy family that he was "disgusted" and "disappointed" by the knee-jerk reactions of town management forcing Roy to resign before they even knew the end result in the case.

"There is clearly a breakdown in the system but I'm proud of Mr. Roy for standing by his story and never wavering under pressure," said Soul, who is also Roy's father-in-law.

"Finally the truth is out."


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