Fire Log: Kids, Keys and Cars

Incidents and emergencies handled by the Belmont Fire Department.

Check list: Child, keys ...

Nov. 4 – Firefighters were dispatched sometime after half past 7 p.m. to a Lorimer Road residence: someone left their child in their car ... and guess where the keys were? The crew from Engine 1 used their skills to gain entry into the vehicle without damaging it. 

Leaking on Pleasant

Nov. 6 – Just after 1 p.m., Engine 2 headed over to Pleasant Street for what appeared to be a truck leaking some unknown liquid. Turns out that a Verizon Ford Super Duty truck had somehow damaged the vehicle's underbelly and gasoline was leaking into the street from the fuel tank. In addition, a minor intermittent drip and damage to the axle were noted from beneath the vehicle. The crew spread Speedi dri (c) on the liquid and used some buckets to contain the spill. The Highway Department was sent to the scene for the purpose of extra Speedi dri and help clean-up while Belmont Police requested that the Tow company respond to the scene. The leak was contained, broken axle was secured in place under the truck and the vehicle was removed.

Don't forget your food

Nov. 8 – Two incidents of late night snacks gone awary: Engine 1 was sent to McLean Hospital's Admissions building after 9 p.m. for what turned out to be burnt toast. Engine 1 was back out a little after a quarter past midnight on Nov. 9 along with Engine 2, Ladder 1 and the Rescue team to a multi-family residence on Hill Road as smoke was reported in the building. Turns out that a resident on the first floor put some food in the stove and then forgot about it. 

Mutual aid

Nov. 10 – Just after 4 p.m., Engine 1 assisted Watertown Fire with a building fire on Orchard Street in that town.


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