Fire Log: Burners Behaving Badly

Incidents and emergencies handled by the Belmont Fire Department in the past week.

Burner hick up

Feb. 5 – At 6:57 p.m., all fire units were dispatched to a single-family house on Albert Avenue for a report of smoke in the basement. On arrival, Engine 2 investigated and found a smoke condition caused by a malfunctioning oil-fired heating system. The system was shut down and red-tagged for service. The owner was advised to contact a service technician for immediate service.

Backfiring burner

Feb. 7 – Just after 4:05 a.m., all fire equipment were sent to a house on Radcliffe Road for the report of an explosion in the basement. Once there, firefighters discovered that the loud 'bang' was more likely the delayed ignition of the home's oil burner. Personnel shut the burner down and the homeowner was told to notify their oil supplier to repair the system.

Bridging the gas

Feb. 7 – At 6:33 a.m.,  Engine 1 and a command car were dispatched to the bridge on Trapelo Road near the MBTA tracks to investigate the outside odor of natural gas. Fire personnel requested the gas company respond to the scene after a combustible sensors found the air saturated at 100 percent gas at the seem in the bridge. Fire companies checked the surrounding area businesses that were occupied and normal readings were displayed by the gas detector both inside and in the outside air. The incident was determined to be a gas leak. 

Cable goes down

Feb. 9 – A little after 11 a.m., Engine 1 and Rescue 1 were traveling to South Cottage Road for a company drill on the McLean Hospital property. Once on the McLean property, a member noticed wires down across Mill Street. The Belmont Municipal Light Department was notified to respond as companies turned around to go back to the incident. The road was closed and shortly after it was determined that the wires were cable and telephone.


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