Fire Log: Chenery Fire Under Investigation

The incidents and emergencies handled by the Belmont Fire Department

Grass fire near Channing

April 16 – At 6:04 p.m., Engine 2 and a command are were sent to Channing Road for an outside fire along the commuter rail line. And it turned out that it was a grass fire near the railroad tracks. Engine 1 used a Class A extinguisher to control the fire.

Fire outside Chenery

April 18 – At 12:51 p.m., fire units were sent to the Chenery Middle School on  Washington Street as three large flip-top, wheeled recycling totes were burning approximately 10 feet from the building. Close by were another dozen recycling totes that were not involved. Engine 2 used an 1 3/4-inch attack line to extinguish the fire. The smoke from the fire set off the smoke detector in the hallway just outside the kitchen area. After the fire was out, the building was checked and the system was reset. But when firefighters ran a test on the system, the master box did ring back to the station. The fire alarm system was red-tagged and the manufacturer was called to make the repairs. The Fire Department's investigation unit is conducting an investigation on the source of the fire.


April 19 – At 7:29 a.m., firefighters were dispatched to the Proctor Building at McLean Hospital after a smoke detector went off. On arrival Engine 1 found that the smoke detector on the first floor dining room was activated by some burnt food in the toaster oven. There was a light smoke condition which was ventilated. No damages other than to the toast.


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