Fire Log: Dryer in Flames on Benjamin Road

Incidents and emergencies handled by the Belmont Fire Department.

Burner almost did that to a Marsh Street house

Oct. 23 – At half past 3 p.m., Engines 1 and 2, Ladder 1 and the Rescue unit was sent up on the Hill to a Marsh Street house when the fuel burner flared up. Luckily the fire was confined to the unit. Be sure to check your heating systems before the real cold weather starts up.

Sometimes you need to replace more than the batteries

Oct. 25 – At just before a quarter past 7 p.m., units were at a home on Little Pond Road after a pair of gas detectors were going off intermittently on both the first and second floors. So the fire crews metered the home and couldn't find any readings of gas even after the heat and hot water were turned on and all the gas piping was inspected as well as the gas meter. And the stove is electric. After a further inspection of the detectors, the homeowner was advised to replace the aging alarms.


Why you never use the dryer when you're away from the house

Oct. 27 – At 8:40 a.m., Engines 1 and 2, Ladder 1 and the Rescue unit took off to a Benjamin Road two family for a fire in the basement. Crews rushed in to find the dryer in flames; the fire had started in the rear flexible hose where lint usually accumulates, destroying the unit and damaging the adjacent washing machine while charring the wood on the partition wall separating the two sides of the basement. The washer and dryer were disconnected and the burned debris was removed to the driveway.

Why? Leaves, twigs, other easily combustible material

Oct. 27 – Just before sunset (that would be 5:30 p.m.), firefighters were sent to Wilson Avenue to strongly advise a homeowner to put out a fire that he started in a fire pit. 


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