Mitt's in Town: Romney's Voting at the Beech at 5 Tuesday

Just your average election day ... with one big exception.

Precincts 3 and 5 located in the is usually a sedate polling location with the bulk of voters in early and late with workers and the police detail trying not to be too bored.

And that routine should be no different tomorrow, with one little exception: Mitt's coming to vote.

Not that a sighting of former Massachusetts Governor Romney and his wife, Ann, is all that usual on election days past. , Belmont's town clerk, said the Romney's and their eldest son, Tag, are pretty faithful voters in national, state and town elections.

But this time – Romney's campaign says the South Cottage Road resident and his wife will be arriving at the Center sometime around 5:15 p.m. – should be a bit different then past trips to Precinct 3. Romney is now the front runner to be the Republican nominee for the presidential election in November.

If the political pieces all fall into place tomorrow on 'Super Tuesday' – a win in Ohio, coming close in Tennessee to Rick Santorum, strong runs in other primaries – the nearly 40 year Belmont resident could all but clear the deck for a final push to the nomination. 

In addition, Romney will be able to vote for himself this primary season, not just in the Massachusetts primary but also for the Republican town committee which also includes his wife and son.

And while the Belmont Police Department is preparing for an onslaught of media types invading the Town Field neighborhood, there will be no special traffic or parking restrictions in the area, said BPD's Lt. Darin Demagistris.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," said Demagistris, noting that parking at the Beech Street Center will be limited to voters and seniors on Tuesday. 

"Many of the seniors have mobility issues so we ask the media and others to find legal parking spots nearby but also know that this is a residential neighborhood and to be respectful," said Demagistris.

Special parking designated for the media will be located off Beech Street on Benjamin and Drew roads. 

One thing voters will need to be prepared for is the location of the precincts: for this election, Precinct 5 is on the right side after entering the main doors and 3 on the left. 

As for political gawkers and protesters, the area in front of the Center will be limited to those voting and seniors using the center. In addition, there will be an area set aside outside the center and two inside for the press to film and photograph the Romney's voting. 


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