National Grid Repairing Ridley Road Gas Break

Noon-time leak had Belmont Fire investigate gas in the basement of a house.

The smell of Mercaptan, the chemical added to natural gas to give it that raw eggs odor, could be detected on Lexington and White streets. On Ripley Road, a backhoe and repair trucks from National Grid were tearing up the street outside 22 Ripley to find and repair a serious leak in a gas line entering the house.

As workers took out the pavement on the closed street, Belmont Fire Department crews were finishing taking air measurements after receiving a call around noon that gas was leaking into the basement of 22 Ripley.

An investigation found a major gas leak on the street, requiring the gas utility to also dig out a portion of nearby Beech Street to stem the gas flow. 

National Grid crews said the leak should be repaired by 4 p.m. if not earlier. 

While fire crews were at the site, Belmont received mutual aid from Waltham and Cambridge. 


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