Police Log: A Pair of Income Filing Fraud

Incidents provided by the Belmont Police Department does not indicate a conviction.

Tax filing fraud, part 1

April 13 – A Hillside Terrace couple had submitted their federal and state income taxes with a popular tax preparation software the day before when they received a call from the IRS: their federal return was rejected because one of their social security numbers had already been used to receive a refund. They are the victims of a fraud that is sweeping the country: income tax return fraud when criminals use personal identification to file false returns. Nearly a million  fraudulent claims were filed in 2010, amounting to about $6.5 billion. The IRS told the couple to have a police report written up to begin the process of getting their refund.

Unlawful borrowing

April 13 – An hour before the library closed, a librarian reported to police that someone had stolen her key ring which had a small purse attached containing $10 and her driver's license. She said later she found her license on the library grounds but not the keys or the money. She will be changing the locks on her doors.

Not of age

April 14 – Just after midnight, a call came into the station about a number of youths in the area of Clifton Street who were both loud and apparently smashing bottles. The police were told the group had driven off down the street. A patrol car stopped the car and discovered unopened beer cans in the car. It turned out that both the driver and passenger were under 21, which means they were in possession of liquor which is against the law. Luke Robinson, 18, of 54 Dalton Rd. and Nicholis Wyly, 19, 27 Van Ness Rd. were arrested.

Nothing taken

April 14 – A Hastings Road resident called police first thing in the morning to say that someone had "rummaged" through her car that night, while ...

Something taken

April 15 – A resident from Palfrey Road – a few blocks from Hastings Road – said someone had entered his unlocked vehicle during the night and took a GPS unit worth $350.

A lot of copper

April 15 – It may not be on the same lines as the Gardner Museum heist but there's an art thief in the neighborhood. A Rutledge Road resident said sometime in the past few days a seven-foot tall copper double-spinner wind sculpture worth $1,700 was spirited away.

Tax filing fraud, part 2

April 16 – A Munroe Street resident said she received letters from both the IRS and the state's Department of Revenue saying she could not submit 2011 tax returns because someone had already filed using her social security number. A police report was filed.

Sometimes you should just walk on by

April 16 – Sometime earlier in the day, a Belmont man was taking a stroll in Newton when he was confronted by the ex-beau of his girlfriend. The man asked if the current bf would convey a message: "You let that ---- know that DSS is going to take her kids away." When the girlfriend heard this, she called Belmont police. She has a restraining order against the former sweetheart and told officers that she now feels threatened. Belmont officers called their colleagues in Newton who picked up Theodore Helms, 41, of 253 River St. in West Newton, and escorted him to Belmont where he was charged with violation of an abuse prevention order.


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