Police Log: Caught by CVS Cameras

Incidents and arrests made by the Belmont Police does not indicate a court conviction.

Not taken to make a Revere saucepan

Nov. 12 – A quarter after 11 a.m., an Evergreen Way property owner and the construction supervisor of his house told police that someone with nefarious intentions entered the building site and from the open walls and the basement stole approximately $600 of copper pipe. 

Elderly taken by credit card fraud

Nov. 13 – A quarter 'til noon, a elderly White Street resident called the police after learning that someone had been issued three credit cards in her husband's name. It could not have been him since he has been housed in a nursing facility for the past 18 months. The total take of the cards that were issued in July was approximately $9,000. The police assisted the woman in closing the accounts and discussing the matter with the issuer. 

Lost and found

Nov. 14 – Ten minutes 'til noon, a Warwick Road resident thought someone had stolen a handicap parking placard from his vehicle ... until the police found it.   

Video Captured the Larceny Star

Nov. 14 – Just past half past 3 p.m., the manager at the CVS in the Center noticed a suspicious-acting person in the store. The employee began following the man in his 30s around via the store's CCTV system. Sure enough, the man made a move that appeared that he was concealing something. As the man headed for the front doors, the manager confronted the apparent theft. Then and there, the man let slip out of his clothes an eight-pack of disposable razors. The manager made the unsuccessful larceny artist look at the camera before releasing him. The man got into a grey SUV from which the manager was able to obtain the license plate number. Police discovered the vehicle is registered to a woman and are attempting to contact the man. 

Toddler walkabout

Nov. 15 – A quarter 'til noon, a letter carrier was on his rounds when he bumped into a friendly Belmont resident at the corner of Davis Road and Irving Street. It's just the citizen was a toddler without an adult in sight. The USPS personnel contact police who discovered that the youngster is old enough to know how to get out of the house without his grandfather noticing.


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