Police Log: Cellphone Set to Scream

Incidents handled by the Belmont Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Open door policy

Aug. 12 – It was really late, just before 3 a.m., when officers were informed of a suspicious person lurking around a convenience store at Brighton and Blanchard. They encountered a man saying he was only looking for empty bottles and cans. While there, police also found a door open at a construction site that was once the home to Zeff Photos. A searched was conducted but officers found no one.

A small part of New Orleans in Belmont

Aug. 12 – At 6 a.m., a Flett Road resident just wanted police to know what appeared to be a drunken man was sleeping on the lawn next door. The police said they would be around immediately.

You pay, pal

Aug. 13 – A Shean Road resident called police to say that she just received a bill from PayPal for $410 for a purchase made in Atlanta. She found that strange since she doesn't know what a PayPal is and hasn't been visiting Atlanta. The police told her to call her credit card companies to change the accounts.

Probably not in the master deed

Aug. 14 – A Falmouth Street resident called police to say that someone apparently is smoking marijuana in the common areas of the condominium in which he owns a unit. Police said they will investigate.

You and you and you are fired and also arrested

Aug. 14 – A Quincy man called police to say while at work in Belmont he received a call from a man who claimed to be from a collection agency demanding he resolve his outstanding debt. The collector told the man unless he sent $480 to him in the next 10 minutes, he would have the man "fired and arrested" that day. The resident of the Town of Presidents decided to do a little research and put the phone number into Google Search. Up came several incidents of people with a similar story. Officers from the Town of Homes told the man to inform them if the "collector" calls again.

Help! I'm trapped in a strange purse with a weak signal!

Aug. 14 – A Brighton woman went shopping at the Waltham BJ's wholesale goods store. Unfortunately, she placed her smart phone on the customer services counter and forgot to return it to her purse. Darn! And when she went back to retrieve it, it was not reported found. Later that day, she activated an app that uses GPS to pinpoint where the wayward phone was. Turns out it was in Gordon Terrace in Belmont. With Belmont Police in the area going door-to-door, the Brighton woman put her phone on its "scream" function which makes the smart phone emit a loud alarm sound. But despite their best efforts, officers could not hear the smart phone screaming to be reunited with its owner.


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