Police Log: Encounter with 'Gypsy' Cab Leaves Gal Pals in Tears

A $3 million contest prize "winner" from Beech Street nearly loses $4,500 in scam. Just because you've been arrested doesn't mean a conviction.

Dope in the car

Aug. 30 – It was very early in the morning when most people are fast asleep. But not those in the car that ran the stop sign on Claremont Road. An officer stopped the vehicle for the traffic violation then observed some suspicious movements coming from one of the passengers. A look into the car found marijuana and a measuring scale. The resulting investigation led to the arrest of Tyler Auger, 19, of 3 Sandy Glen Rd. in Holden for possession of class D drugs, the weed.

Big "winner" nearly a big "loser" but for a quick bank employee

Aug. 30 – A Beech Street resident in her 70s was in great spirits when she went to a local bank. And wouldn’t you be if you “won” $3 million? The day before she received a call from Frank from the American Sweepstakes Monetary Service in Las Vegas who told her that she was the company’s grand-prize winner. Frank told the resident that he would need some information from her to start the process of sending the money, like her name, date of birth, address, mother’s maiden name, her checking account number and passwords; the usual data you give to someone who is about to give you $3 million. By the way, Frank told the resident, there was a “minimal processing charge” of $4,500 to get the prize to her, so if the resident could send a personnel check via express mail to a Michigan address, the $3 million would be sent to her immediately.  Early the next morning, the excited resident went to the post office with her check and sent it off. Her next stop was to the bank where she told an employee of her great fortune. The horrified banker then informed the resident that she likely had been a victim of a crook playing a scam on her. The employee immediately cancelled the check and closed out her accounts that she provided all that information. There is a coda to this attempted swindle; a day later, Frank called, worried that the resident’s $4,500 check was no good. “Why did you close your account?” Frank asked concerned that the resident was going to loss a chance of a lifetime. Belmont Police officers also wanted to know more about Frank but their call connected to a number that was no longer in service. The resident was “very, very lucky” according to Belmont Police as a concerned bank employee caught wind of the scam and that Frank asked for a check; most rip off artists request the money to be wire transferred.

Pay what is owed

Aug. 31 – A Lewis Road man decided that he wasn’t going to pay the fare after a cab took him home at 3 a.m. Police asked the man nicely that he should pay up and he did.

Potential battle of Beaver Brook

Aug. 31 – It was a hot Friday afternoon and tensions were running high as officers arrived at the scene of a disturbance. There was the potential of things turning ugly at the Beaver Brook water park: a child pushed a fellow kid; a mom took umbrage at the lack of civility with the pusher’s mother. Luckily, temperatures cool – they usually do at water parks – and the parties solved their differences without the help from peace officers.

While the wife is asleep

Aug. 31 – It was after dark when an officer spotted a resident who he knew was not to be driving. The officer pulled over Jessie Rudosky, 70, of 422 Trapelo Rd. and asked why he was behind the wheel of a car. Rudosky said that his wife had gone to bed and that he was driving to get a message because his bones were hurting. Rudosky was arrested for operating with a suspended license.

No lifting in Belmont

Aug. 31 – Just before closing, a couple of employees at the CVS in Belmont Center spotted a woman who was up to no good: she was placing goods into a large white shopping bag. Sure enough, Marsha Calixte, 27, of 359 Park St. in Boston, exited the store without even attempting to pay for the items. Belmont Police were on the scene and asked Calixte to look in her bag. Inside they found soap, razors, toothpaste and other cleaning material. What was not found was a receipt. She was arrested for shoplifting.

In need of help

Aug. 31 – Police were called to the CVS on Trapelo Road to look after a man who appeared to need help. They found him stumbling outside his pickup. A quick investigation led to the arrest for heroin possession of Brandon Shelzi, 22, of 10 Townsend Rd.

Night on the town turns tearful for Belmont pair

Sept. 2 – A night on the town for two young Belmont women ended in tears after their attempt to get home on the cheap instead gave them the fright of their lives. Police arrived to Lewis Road at 3:30 in the morning to find the pair crying on the side of the road. Here is their story: They had a great time in Boston and since the T was shut down for a long time, they began looking for a cab. Instead, a man who said he would take them back to Belmont for a $20 flat fee, half the cost of a regular cab, approached them. Now, in New York, these operations are called "gypsy" cabs and the wise traveler in the Big Apple will take them as a last resort. But the Belmont gals never encountered this sort of transportation so took the man up on his offer. But when they got to Lewis Road, the man turned around and said the flat fee suddenly became inflated by $50 – It was now $70 (see why New Yorkers avoid them!) The pair began arguing with the man and attempted to get out of the car. But the man then automatically locked them into the car and said the only way they could get out was by giving him $20 each. “Give me the money because I now know where you live!” said the driver. He then lunged for the women’s purses. Finally, he let them out but not before kicking one of the women to the ground when she took a cellphone photo of his license plate. “I know where you live!” was his parting threat as he took off down School Street. Police ran the license plate on the photo but it belonged to a boat trailer. So if you’re in Boston’s nightclub district and a heavy-set Hispanic man wearing a suit and driving a tan-colored sedan says he can take you to Belmont for a Jackson, it’s best to decline the offer.

U-turn to an arrest

Sept. 3 – Officers spotted a car take an illegal U-turn on Beech Street and stopped the driver. Asking for ID, the driver produced an International Driver’s License. How about some “true” identification, asked the officer. Sergio Cardosa, 42, of 191 Newton St. in Waltham provided a passport. Turned out that he was wanted on an assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was arrested.

Holiday bummer

Sept. 4 – It was really early on the first day of work after the three-day, end of summer holiday when officers were called to a serious accident at Concord and Wellington Lane. They found a gray Acura with considerable damage to its front end. Happily the two occupants were OK. The driver, Alexander Benjamin, said he hit a gravel patch and hit the guardrail. Officers also discovered that Benjamin from 272 Nevada St. in Newton had been drinking. He was arrested.


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