Police Log: Teen Victim of Cyber Bullies

Incidents reported by the Belmont Police Department does not indicate a conviction.

Internet harrassment

Nov. 15 – Earlier this month, a Gordon Terrace teen began receiving mail into her email account that was certainly unwarranted on her part. Men several years older then her began sending her request for personal information about herself and if they could meet up with her. Then came the phone calls to her private cell phone number with the same requests. 

It soon became apparent that someone had set up a personal account for her on meetme.com, a dating website "where new friends meet." The account not only had a photograph of the teen taken from her Facebook account, but her personal information and her cell phone number. The account was opened with an email address that was set up especially to create the fraudulent account.

By the time the teen went to the police, a growing number of unknown men had her private cell number. Officers told one man the situation and he agreed to stop calling.

When asked who would go to the time and effort to establish an account, she said it was likely two Watertown teenagers she had a disagreement with. 

Police are investigating this as a case of cyberbullying, a crime.


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