Runner Hit by Car in Arlington Center's Main Intersection

The runner was struck in a crosswalk but had a ‘Do Not Walk’ sign, according to police.

A female runner was hit by a car in Arlington Center’s main intersection Sunday evening.

The runner was crossing Mystic Street at the Mass. Ave. crosswalk, from the Uncle Sam statue side to Whittemore Park, but had a ‘Do Not Walk’ sign, witnesses told police. The runner went past a car stopped in the right-turn-only lane and then was hit by a car, which had a straight-green arrow, witnesses said.

The runner also told police that the crash was “all her fault.” She said that she did not see the car coming but should have waited for the “Walk” sign before crossing.

The crash occurred at about 5:50 p.m. Sunday.

The runner was transported to Mount Auburn Hospital for evaluation but had no visible injuries. She did have minor wrist pain at the scene, police said.


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