Waltham Authorities Train For Rail Disaster

Waltham Police and Fire responded to a simulated car and train collision on June 10 by 110 Beaver Street.

Imagine your car has stalled on the train tracks. Just behind you, a tractor trailer is driving full steam in your direction. To your right, a commuter rail train blows its horn as it approaches you. 

The result of this simulated catastrophe was precisely what Waltham Police and Fire responded to on the morning of June 10 by 110 Beaver Street. With the help of an army of volunteers, first responders were able to train and prepare for the worst. 

Specifically, the drill had a train crash into a hitting a car which hit a tanker truck, according to Boston.com. The tanker truck started leaking and firefighters applied foam to clean it up.

Authorities also responded to around 100 train passengers with a range of injuries including one seriously injured passenger, according to Boston.com. Firefighters evacuated the train and created a medical triage center to treat the wounded. Also, two MedFlight landzing zones were setup, but were never used. 

One fatality occured in the car that was hit, according to Boston.com. Also, some people had to undergo hazardous decontamination procedures because they came into contact with gasoline. 

For full details on the drill, check out Boston.com


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