Waltham’s Tyler Zanco Killed During Retaliation for Drug Rip Off

The 17-year-old Waltham High senior was shot to death Thursday, March 20, in the Gardencrest Apartments parking lot on Middlesex Circle.

Domingo Mendes and Taylor Poulin. Photo credit: Middlesex District Attorney's Office
Domingo Mendes and Taylor Poulin. Photo credit: Middlesex District Attorney's Office

The Waltham police affidavit indicates that 17-year-old Tyler Zanco was killed Thursday, March 20, when he tried to retaliate after his cousin was ripped off in a drug deal, according to a report on The Waltham Channel’s Facebook page.

Zanco, a Waltham High senior and wrestling captain, was gunned down shortly after 10 p.m. that night in the Gardencrest Apartments parking lot on Middlesex Circle in Waltham.

Police have issued two warrants: One for the alleged triggerman, 22-year-old Domingo Mendes, of Belmont, and another for Taylor Poulin, 21, of Newton. Both men are considered armed and dangerous.

Another Waltham High student allegedly set up the “deal,” so that Zanco could get back at Poulin for ripping off his cousin for 2 ounces of marijuana, according to The Waltham Channel. Zanco allegedly tased Poulin with a stun gun during the altercation, before Mendes fired the fatal shots, according to the report.

According to The Waltham Channel, the cause of death was listed as “a gunshot wound of the chest that entered through the back.”

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Police Seeking 2 Suspects in Connection with Tyler Zanco’s Murder >>

Waverly Watchdog March 26, 2014 at 06:06 PM
In thinking further about this issue, more than the few zealous advocates must bear the responsibility for the drugs and other criminal activities in Belmont Public Housing. - - - The concept of 40B is Progressive to the core. As I've said before, government CANNOT make everybody rich, but government CAN make everyone poor. And, that somehow makes the Progressives feel so much better. - - - In addition to redistributing wealth that other people have EARNED, a concept so embraced by Democrats from Obama on down, the Progressives strive to give everyone an equal share of MISERY. - - - And the end result is Detroit, a complete basket case, where there is nothing BUT misery left, after a half-century of Progressive Democratic rule. - - - Those same advocates want to bring Belmont its 'fair share' of MISERY. And, to some extent they have succeeded. - - - Just recently there have been several drug overdoses, and now a drug related murder. The police carry NarCan to try and rescue those who have OD'd. Isn't it waaay past time someone asked 'Why have the drugies not been tossed out of Belmont Public Housing" or "Why are they allowed to recruit new addicts to pay for their addition"? - - - But I digress. The 'Affordable Housing' in Belmont is an Attractive Nuisance and those who support it are complicit in the problems cited above. And by that I mean Town Meeting Members who support the concept, and vote to spend CPA money - - - Tax Money, in case you'd forgotten - - - on MORE of it, in the name of their concept of Social Justice. - - - Before you go and vote, ask yout TMMs if they support or oppose this use of the CPA money. Many will, of course, dodge the question. Those would be good candidates to vote AGAINST.
Joe Smith March 26, 2014 at 08:01 PM
Why was the affordable housing put there? And why have they been tearing up the road in that area for months, clogging an already horrendous road? There needs to be a roads commission in the town.
Waverly Watchdog March 26, 2014 at 09:35 PM
Why is affordable housing put anywhere? It is fundamentally a political deision, using the tools Progressive pols have crafted to trample on the rights of some, and favor their pet constituencies. - - - The vote of someone living off the government is a whole lot cheaper to get than the vote of a successful businessman. All you have to do is offer them more freebies. Case in point, it worked for Obama in Ohio in 2012. - - - As to the road work, construction does take some time, but Public Works projects take far longer than private sector jobs. Remember the Big Dig? They are most often done by connected contractors using union workers. Those same union workers in turn support the pols who have the jobs in their gift. This incestuous relationship, between mostly Democratic pols and the unions, public and private, is at the root of the mess we're in. - - - I'm unconvinced Belmont needs a roads commission, or what the mission of suh a commission would be. The Town roads are theoretically in the purview of Peter Castanino, who takes direction from the Seletmen and Town Meeting. That's where the real problems lie. - - - TM and the Board of Selectmen have a penchant for their own pet projects. The renovation of the Underwood Pool, for example. Working with CPA money, former Seletmen Paulsen and Solomon, deceitfully want to use about $2,000,000 of CPA money, already collected from the Property Tax surtax, to reduce the APPARENT cost of the pool work. It is a lot easier to sell a $2M boondoggle than a $4M plus one to the voters, most of whom are not really paying attention anyway. - - - The hard questions are rarely asked. For example, the pool user ommunity is under 700 families, from the last data I've seen, out of roughly 11,000 families in Town. That makes the pool redo a Speial Interest project, beyond any doubt. - - - Ask yourself, before the Town eletion, is the pool redo the kind of thing I REALLY want my tax dollars wasted on? - - - It is an unmistakable indicatrion that the pool IS, in fact, a Speial Interest project... If it were such an obvious benefit to all, there would not me the massive pro-pool ampaign all over Town. When was the last time you saw a big advertizing campaign for something in demand? Are Superbowl or World Series tickets advertized ? NO! Advertizing is used to sell LEMONS to the gullible! - - - Frankly, I'd much rather see the money, OUR MONEY, go to something useful TO ME. Perhaps that might be road repair.... NOT the kind of wasteful road repair all too common in Town where a very few roads are made fit to be the Grand Mall leading to the Taj Mahal, but solid, basic repair. - - - These are choices. Do you want your money spent on expensive frills, while the basic infrastructure rots,? I say NO. Those choices will be made by the pols you elect.
Viking March 30, 2014 at 06:50 AM
On the subject of roads -- Have you noticed that some of the side streets that have been repaved seem . . . narrower? I came across this just recently, in the long report from the Vision 21 Committee: Ideas for the future: • Suggestion to formalize a policy to reduce overall pavement marginally (e.g. by 3%) as we rebuild streets and sidewalks, repave driveways, etc. – many streets and intersections are overly wide – this is happening to some extent now as road reconstruction projects are on-going – over time such a policy would reduce impervious surface and improve storm water management. Thanks to these brilliant know-it-alls, it is sometimes now impossible to get by when two cars are parked on opposite sides of the street. But never mind, that somehow amounts to storm water management (which was never a problem on most streets anyway). And note the reference to driveways. Do they mean private driveways, many of which are already so narrow that we are stepping into the neighbor's yard or onto our own petunias when we exit our cars?
Waverly Watchdog March 30, 2014 at 11:12 AM
@Viking- No, I'd not noticed that, but it is no surprise at all. The Enviro lobby has been working for decades to 'calm traffic' and other code words. - - - Their real obective is to make modern transportation so miserable that people are fored to 'choose' more primative alternatives, like walking or using bicycles. - - - For example, Concord Ave had bike lanes added some years ago, reducing it to one lane in places. The inevitable result is more and bigger traffic jams... "Mission Accomplished" Will Brownsburger !! - - - And it IS Brownsburger as he drweamed up the Vision 21 nonsense. We would all be better off if Brownsburger and his Progressive clique went away... perhaps to a community like "The Villages" where everything is controlled by local government. Belmont doies not have a Master Deed or Condo Regulations. It is way past time Town government stopped behaving like an condo board with ultimate power over everything.


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